Learn how Stevie Howell grew her business with the Tory Burch Foundation Capital Program

Stevie Howell
Owner, Stevie Howell Textiles

As an artist and textile designer, Stevie Howell finds inspiration in everything, from her travels to Uruguay to the natural settings in her hometown of Oakland, California. In 2013 Stevie turned this inspiration into something wearable, designing scarves with textile patterns based on her paintings. Soon she expanded to other pieces with simple silhouettes – robes, kimonos and loungewear – all showcasing her paintings as wearable works of art.

To grow her business, Stevie applied for a loan through the Tory Burch Foundation Capital Program. Powered by Bank of America, the program connects U.S. women entrepreneurs to affordable loans to help grow women’s businesses.

Stevie received a loan from Opportunity Fund, one of 11 community lenders administering the loans as part of the program. With the loan, Stevie hired her first employee and focused on getting the word out about her designs, helping the business expand even more.

“Bank of America and Tory Burch Foundation have really helped me grow my business, in terms of hiring my first employee, being able to travel with the collection, being able to meet people and being able to get my product more into the world. Having them support me and knowing that they believe in my business is pretty powerful,” Stevie says.

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