Spotlight on Neighborhood Builders: Dallas, Charlotte and Chicago

Through Neighborhood Builders, a program we deliver locally in 45 communities across the U.S., we are advancing thriving communities by addressing issues of economic mobility and advancing nonprofit leadership to solve tough community challenges.

Hear from three Neighborhood Builders about how the award is helping them create a larger impact and more effectively deliver services to their communities.


Seeking answers among the poor

Larry James, CEO of CitySquare, will tell you, “If you want to know about poverty, don’t go to a university, go to the poor. Let them be your instructors.” CitySquare, a community development organization and two-time Neighborhood Builders awardee, takes this to heart as it addresses poverty in Dallas through a comprehensive array of social services, reaching over 50,000 people in need.

The pride of West Charlotte

Despite crime and poverty, the families of West Charlotte are coming together to provide hope for future generations. Using a unique holistic approach, Mack McDonald and the Renaissance West Community Initiative are providing residents housing, a cradle-to-career education continuum, programs for health and wellness and opportunities for career advancement and skills development.

Worker bees

What do honeybees and job training have in common? More than you might think, according to the North Lawndale Employment Network. This organization seeks to improve the earning potential of Chicago’s North Lawndale community through innovative employment initiatives that lead to economic advancement and an improved quality of life for residents.

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