Diversity & inclusion

Leadership of diversity & inclusion

Leadership of diversity & inclusion

Our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment starts at the top with our CEO Brian Moynihan, who chairs our Global Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Leading our efforts is our Global Diversity & Inclusion Council (GDIC), which is chaired by CEO Brian Moynihan and provides strategic direction on how we approach diversity and inclusion as a company. Our GDIC is focused on growing the diverse representation of our workforce, promoting an inclusive workplace and being a place where all employees have the opportunity to achieve their goals and meet the needs of our customers.

Providing additional leadership to the GDIC is Corporate General Auditor Christine Katziff, who serves as GDIC executive vice chair and represents the company’s management team and partners with Sheri Bronstein, Global Human Resources (GHR) executive, to keep the management team informed about the GDIC’s objectives, progress and areas of opportunity. Providing day-to-day leadership of the GDIC are Vice Chairs Purna Saggurti, chairman of Global Commercial and Investment Banking, D. Steve Boland, Consumer Lending executive and Lorna Sabbia, head of Retirement and Personal Wealth Solutions.

Also serving on the GDIC is Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Cynthia Bowman, whose Global Diversity & Inclusion Organization partners with GDIC leaders, GHR and other business and regional leaders to determine priorities and initiatives that position the bank as a leader in diversity and inclusion globally. Further, each line of business and region has its own Diversity & Inclusion Council that develops strategies to support our diverse and inclusive environment.

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