Global Ambassadors

Our Global Ambassadors Program invests in women
leaders to accelerate their path to leadership.

Global Ambassadors

With offices throughout the world, we fully realize our responsibilities as a global citizen. Our partnerships and programs are in place to serve our customers, clients and businesses. Regardless of their location, we're focused on helping make communities better places to live and do business.

A Vital Voices and Bank of America partnership

We believe strong leaders can be drivers of economic opportunities and that women are a force to drive economic, political and social change. This is the reason why we partnered with Vital Voices and developed our Global Ambassadors Program. Vital Voices is the preeminent, non-governmental organization that empowers emerging women leaders. Global Ambassadors invests in the potential of emerging women leaders around the world, by matching them with mentors who are established leaders. Mentorship is critical to accelerating women's leadership paths and to closing the gap that currently exists in many countries. These mentorships help build critical communication, advocacy and business skills; provide essential connections; strengthen existing networks; and help women leaders create measurable impact in their communities. It's all part of our efforts to help create a sustainable future for our customers and communities worldwide.

Our Global Ambassadors Program has a truly worldwide reach, with past trips in Haiti, Poland, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Qatar, Brazil, Singapore, India, South Africa, Japan, London, Australia, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dublin, Puerto Rico, and Paris.

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