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Employee Networks

Employee Networks

Our Employee Networks help us grow stronger by providing teammates opportunities to connect with each other, develop leadership skills, build strong ties with the communities we serve and bring lasting value to our business strategies.

Asian Leadership Network

Our Asian Leadership Network has nearly 20 chapters across the U.S. along with a virtual chapter, focused on celebrating and sharing our rich culture, serving our communities and building business relationships.

Through our “Ask me anything” events, senior leaders share their career path to help guide our own professional goals. Our cultural competency training educates teammates on the impact Asian cultural values might have on communication, and professional growth. When we come together, be it for Lunar New Year, Diwali, or Dragon Boat Festival, it’s a vibrant celebration!

Black Professional Group

In the mid-1990s, African-American leaders came together to coach employees, and provide a sense of community. What began as a grassroots effort grew into the Black Professional Group, teammates with a shared mission to enhance professional development, create visibility of Black talent, and support responsible growth. 

The early values of Black Professional Group continue to guide us. Events support career growth and celebrate culture. Volunteer efforts respond to the core needs of our communities. Our conversations are courageous, addressing issues near to our teammates including race, equality and economic mobility.

Disability Advocacy Network

One-half of the world’s population is touched by disabilities, and our population at Bank of America reflects this global reality. Our Disability Advocacy Network (DAN) fosters an environment that accepts, values, respects and supports those affected by disabilities. 

We are a source of support and information for employees and their children, friends and colleagues with disabilities. Our programs embrace differences, promote creativity and develop opportunities for awareness and education.

We also have an important role to advocate for the rights and best resources for all of our teammates to succeed and positively contribute to a diverse and inclusive bank culture. We volunteer with non-profits that share our mission, and we assist our company in the development of accessible products and services for our customers.

Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Development for Women

Our ongoing work to invest in women includes our focus to be a great place to work for our female employees, make the financial lives of our female clients better, and advance the economic empowerment of women in communities around the world.

Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Development (LEAD) for Women is dedicated to help grow, attract and retain successful women throughout Bank of America. We’re proud to be Bank of America’s largest Employee Network, with more than 40 chapters across the world. We’re even more proud of the impact our network has to renew our members’ commitment to diversity, helping women and men recognize the incredible value women bring to a team. Our events are wholeheartedly inclusive, connecting employees of all backgrounds to promote progress and gender inclusion.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender, + Pride

As Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender, + Pride (LGBT+ Pride), we’re proud to be a key part of Bank of America’s longstanding leadership to support the rights and needs of LGBT+ employees.

In 2018, we launched chapters in India and Korea, and now have members in 30 chapters around the world focused on education, advocacy and visibility. We educate teammates on what it’s like to be LGBT+ in today’s workforce, and how to be inclusive so that we truly can bring our whole selves to work. We advocate for progressive and inclusive policies and programs. Together with the more than 25,000 members of our Ally Program, we’re visible, waving the rainbow Flagscape to set an example of the importance of valuing, supporting, embracing and celebrating diversity.

Inter-Generational Employee Network

With about 50 years between generations, the Inter-Generational Employee Network is here to help employees focus on being inclusive of all generations, and understand the value of experience and knowledge that comes from employees of all ages. We formed in 2012 (making us part of Gen Z) and today we have more than 20 chapters across the globe. 

Our training courses educate employees on generational differences, and help managers be more inclusive. Our “Spark Series” connects our members to experts for topics connected to generations. We also consult to help our business leaders best serve their clients, whether that is helping a client prepare for retirement or communicate with a millennial small business owner.

Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership & Advancement

With 36 chapters and more than 13,000 members, our Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership & Advancement, or HOLA, brings Hispanic/Latino employees together to foster an inclusive environment, support career development, and support the bank’s purpose to make financial lives better while driving responsible growth. 

With our company’s support, we are deeply involved in opportunities to address issues facing Hispanic-Latinos in our communities. We volunteer at Feeding America food banks across the United States and our members provided assistance in hurricane affected areas including Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas. In Las Vegas, our members filled 80% of the Spanish translation needs for the Red Cross Family Assistance Center after the Las Vegas shooting.

Multicultural Leadership Network

As Bank of America's Multicultural Leadership Network, we are committed to fostering an environment that accepts and encourages diversity, and celebrates the rich cultures of our employees. 

We see our cultural differences as a source of opportunity and strength. Through our network, we provide opportunities for employees to network and grow professionally. We partner with organizations to mentor children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our members have also started initiatives that strive to connect employees across different backgrounds to boost cultural fluency and showcase diversity.

Military Support & Assistance Group

We’re veterans, military spouses and family members, friends and colleagues and as members of the Military Support & Assistance Group, we are committed to helping our nation’s veterans transition to civilian life, and thrive. Our Military Support & Assistance Group serves as a critical support network for the thousands of veterans on our team, and we help Bank of America respond to the issues most pressing for transitioning military. We recruit talent, volunteer thousands of hours each year, and provide financial education through Better Money Habits.

So many of our nations veterans long for the camaraderie they experienced while serving. We hope to serve as that community, helping our members connect with fellow veterans and grow in their career.

Native American Professional Network

Our Native American Professional Network is focused on the career development of Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Alaskan Natives at the bank, increasing awareness of Native American culture with all employees, and supporting business strategy by enlarging our business presence within Native American sovereign governments. We’re one of only a handful of financial institutions that has a Native American employee network.

We are dedicated to our purpose to make financial lives better. Our members leverage Better Money Habits financial education resources in Native American sovereign nations, helping prepare Native American youth to make informed financial choices about their personal finances.

Parents and Caregivers Network

Our Parents and Caregivers Network brings together employees with caregiving responsibilities for children, other family members and loved ones. We assist one another in managing work, family and other caring responsibilities by sharing resources, experiences and providing guidance and encouragement.

Our New Parent Mentoring program helps new parents tackle the adjusted balance in their work and life, discuss expectations with their manager, and other relevant issues. We help our company develop and rollout new benefits and programs; like the expansion of parental leave from 12 to 16 weeks back in 2016, and our recent enhanced paid bereavement leave policy of 20 days.

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