Japan 2015 | Women shine, women lead: supporting entrepreneurship and economic empowerment in Japan

Oct 07, 2015

When we launched the Global Ambassadors Program four years ago on International Women’s Day, we were guided by a shared belief that strong women leaders are vital to healthy, vibrant communities and fundamental to creating economic growth. The success of this vision is reinforced through the remarkable achievements of the women themselves. Looking back, the Global Ambassadors Program has touched the lives of both our mentees and mentors, women from more than 50 countries. In conjunction with the United Nations’ recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, there is also global recognition that empowering women is one of the most efficient ways to make change, transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in our world.

This most recent trip to Tokyo, Japan, represents a return to the Asia Pacific, where in 2013 we first invested in women in Singapore. We’re often asked how locations for Global Ambassadors Programs are selected, especially in this instance as we travel to a country with one of the largest economies in the world. Many are unaware, however, that the state of women in Japan is paradoxical. While Japan educates its women to a higher level than nearly any other country, the participation of women in the workforce is significantly lower than in other wealthy countries. When women have their first child, 70% of them drop from the workforce, and many never return. Likewise, women’s participation in leadership roles is extremely low, with a lack of role models and mentors. Meanwhile, Japan is undergoing a demographic shift due to low birth rates and long life expectancy, putting a strain on the economy. If female labor participation were to raise the level of men, it’s estimated that gross domestic product could increase substantially.

This shift shines a light on women, demonstrating their potential in helping resolve Japan’s economic challenges. The need to invest in women has been championed by Prime Minister Abe, who has prioritized allowing women to “shine” in the economy, calling this the most important aspect of his economic growth strategy. Tackling gender inequality and boosting women’s opportunities in the labor market, reinforced by a just-released study, could add $12 trillion to the annual global economy over the next decade. In this environment, Japan’s women are seizing the opportunity by demonstrating their entrepreneurial spirit, voicing the need for change, shifting traditional norms and seeking innovative solutions to balancing home and work obligations.

As we look ahead to the 11th Global Ambassadors Program in Tokyo, we reflect on our initial shared goal of investing in women leaders around the world to address economic disparities and create a more prosperous and secure world—and we are thrilled to see that global and regional leaders continue to come together to achieve this goal.

Global Ambassadors Japan could not occur at a more prescient moment. Please join us in welcoming and fostering this next generation of women leaders in Japan.

Anne Finucane Vice Chair, Global Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
Alyse Nelson President and CEO, Vital Voices

Japan Global Ambassadors

Abigail Friedman
Founder and CEO, The Wisteria Group
United States
Mentoring Tamae Takatsu

Abigail Friedman is the founder and CEO of The Wisteria Group, an international advisory firm dedicated to expanding the international presence and effectiveness of its business and not-for-profit clients. Abigail is also senior advisor at The Asia Foundation where she directs the Foundation's strategic engagement with Japan, and advises the Foundation on conflict-affected regions in Asia.

Abigail was an experienced U.S. diplomat for more than 25 years. From 2010-2011, she served at the White House as National Security Council director for Afghanistan. In that capacity, she advised the president on Afghanistan policy, led the interagency effort on Afghanistan’s economic and political transition, and negotiated the U.S.-Afghan Strategic Partnership. Prior to that, Abigail served as a civilian embedded in a U.S. brigade north of Kabul, where she directed the civilian activities of four Provincial Reconstruction Teams and several District Support Teams, managing an international civilian team spread across four provinces.

Previous diplomatic assignments include tours in Tokyo, Quebec, Paris, and a detail to the United Nations immediately after the Gulf War. Abigail also served as special assistant in the East Asia and Pacific bureau at the State Department, and was a member of the U.S. delegation to the Six Party Talks on North Korea. Prior to joining the State Department, she worked at the U.S. Senate Office of the Legal Counsel and then as an immigration attorney. She is the recipient of several Individual State Department Superior Honor Awards. Abigail is fluent in Japanese and French, proficient in Portuguese and Spanish, and an award-winning haiku poet and author.

Tamae Takatsu
President, Fukuichi Co., Ltd.
Osaka, Japan

Tamae Takatsu founded Fukuichi Co., Ltd. in 2006 with a determination to make fair trade products grow in popularity and demand. Fukuichi is dedicated to selling fair trade products in a variety of commercial facilities. Takatsu utilized her expertise in the fields of market research, public relations and product development to successfully market products based on quality and aesthetics and significantly increase the visibility of fair trade products in Japan.

Tamae also founded the marketing company TOPPING Co., Ltd., where she acted as president until 2010. Tamae joined the founding team of Oxfam Japan in 2003, where she served as a board member until 2012. In 2011, Tamae launched the EAST LOOP project, which offers work opportunities to victims of the Tohoku earthquake.

Carol Robles-Román
President and CEO, Legal Momentum, The Women’s Legal Defense & Education Fund
United States
Mentoring Sayaka Murata

Carol Robles-Román is the president and CEO of Legal Momentum, The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, a national organization that advances the rights of women and girls by cultivating public-private partnerships that promote gender equality. Carol is also a 2015 Ford Public Voices Fellow, part of a national initiative to increase the public impact of our nation's top underrepresented thought leaders.

Carol was deputy mayor for legal affairs and counsel to Mayor Michael Bloomberg for 12 years, the first female counsel to a New York City Mayor. She spearheaded public-private partnerships on behalf of vulnerable communities, including women and children, in the areas of domestic violence, enforcement of anti-discrimination laws, human trafficking and young people, diversity and judicial selection. She led the city's efforts to combat domestic violence and human trafficking by creating Family Justice Centers in all five boroughs and led the multimedia public awareness campaign Let’s Call an End to Human Trafficking. She increased ethnic, gender and geographic diversity among mayoral appointments to the city's Family, Criminal and interim Civil Court judgeships.

Carol — a former New York State Courts administrator and New York State assistant attorney general for civil rights — is a nationally known public speaker and appears regularly in the media. Her myriad recognitions and memberships include the National Women’s Political Caucus’ 2015 Women of Courage Award, the SmartCEO 2014 Brava Award, and designation as one of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” by Hispanic Business Magazine. She is member of the board of trustees and executive committee of the City University of New York, and of the board of the National Association of Women Lawyers.

Sayaka Murata
Co-President and Co-Founder, Kamonohashi Project
Tokyo, Japan

Sayaka Murata co-founded the Kamonohashi Project (Kamo), which uses training and education programs to combat child sex trafficking in Cambodia. Kamo’s flagship program, the Community Factory, provides economic opportunity and stability to vulnerable women and girls. Kamo is now expanding its programs in India.

Sayaka has attended a number of conferences and workshops, including Vital Voices of Asia: Women's Leadership and Training Summit and the Second World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. She is also a member of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum. She has conducted more than 500 seminars throughout Japan to increase support and raise funds, and has documented her field experiences in a book, Meeting Numerous Obstacles: A 19-year-old addresses eradication of child trafficking, published by the PHP Institute.

Sayaka recognitions and awards include the 2008-2009 Making a Difference for Women Award from the Soroptimist Japan Foundation, the 2011 Japan Foundation Prize for Global Citizenship, and the 2012 Women’s Entrepreneur Award from the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aid Association.

Deborah Finley Conver
President, Corporate Affairs Solutions International, LLC
United States
Mentoring Natsuki Tanaka

Deborah Finley Conver (formerly Louison) established Corporate Affairs Solutions International (CASI) in 2009 to provide strategic solutions for corporate challenges in government affairs, communications, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Her services include strategic counsel, organizational design and communications development.

Deborah previously served as senior vice president of corporate affairs for Cadbury, which she first joined in 2004 as the in-house public affairs person in the Americas Region. In her position as senior vice president of corporate affairs, Deborah’s responsibilities covered sustainability and corporate social responsibility, government affairs, corporate communications and association representation.

Deborah has also served as senior vice president and director of Global Services with APCO Worldwide Inc., a global public affairs consultancy, where she focused on international clients in Russia, China and Europe. Other positions have included deputy assistant secretary for Intergovernmental and Public Liaison with the U.S. Department of Energy, director of Federal Affairs for the National Conference of State Legislatures, and legislative director for two members of the U.S. Congress. She began her public affairs career serving in several program management positions with the State of South Dakota.

Natsuki Tanaka
Founder and President, Advantage Inc.
Kanazawa, Japan

Natsuki Tanaka is president of Advantage Inc., founded in 2006 to facilitate the English language learning process, supporting over 700 students in three locations. Natsuki manages a range of Advantage’s operations, including human resources, consulting services and curriculum development. She aspires to provide affordable, quality education, and is specifically interested in assisting working mothers.

Prior to her work with Advantage, Natsuki served as the director for the Content Development Section at Cerego Japan Inc. She has also worked at the Princeton Review of Japan as a Test of English as a Foreign Language instructor.

Gill Zhou
Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Citizenship, Digital, University Relations and Transformation, IBM Greater China Group
Mentoring Miwa Tanaka

Gill Zhou is the vice president of Marketing, Communications and Citizenship, Digital, University Relations and Transformation for IBM’s Greater China Group (GCG). She is responsible for capturing market opportunities in IBM’s franchise business, creating new markets in emerging growth areas, and building and sustaining a consistent IBM brand and culture across the GCG market. She is accountable for IBM GCG’s digital strategy, and helps to accelerate IBM GCG’s business and culture transformation and execute China Chapter TWO Strategy.

Through 14 years of service with IBM, Gill has played an instrumental role in Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's PC Division in 2005, the launch of IBM Smarter Planet and Smarter Cities in 2009, and IBM Centennial branding campaign in 2011. She has been a member of IBM’s Growth & Transformation Team (GTT) since January of 2013.

Gill is recognized for her achievements and as a thought leader for transforming modern marketing and communications functions in the digital world. Her articles appear in Harvard Business Review and Forbes, among other leading publications, and she has delivered public addresses to C-suite leaders, especially CMOs. Gill’s awards and recognitions include New-Marketing magazine’s “Top Ten Iconic Marketing Leaders in China in 2012,” Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch” (2012) and China Entrepreneur and Sina.com’s joint “China’s Top Thirty Most Outstanding Business Women Leaders” (2011-2013). She was invited by the Business School of Sichuan University to serve as MBA Enterprise Supervisor, and was elected as a standing council member of “China Business Mulan,” China’s most influential organization of female leaders in business. In 2013, Gill published a bestselling book, “Bloom.”

Miwa Tanaka
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Waris Co. Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Miwa Tanaka, co-founder and co-CEO of Waris Co. Ltd., launched the company in 2013 to provide job-matching services to highly skilled women to encourage them to continue advancing their careers after having children. To date, more than 1,600 women have registered with Waris, which connects their skill sets and professional experience to suitable Japanese companies.

Miwa has served as writer and editor for popular Japanese magazines, including Nikkei Kids+ and Nikkei Woman. Her reporting covers careers and lifestyles of working women in Japan.

Hiroko Tatebe
Founder and Executive Director, Global Organization for Leadership and Diversity (GOLD)
United States
Mentoring Keiko Koda

Hiroko Tatebe founded GOLD in 2006 to foster professional development opportunities for women in Japan and to cultivate professional exchanges between Asia and the U.S. She oversees program development and is responsible for all aspects of operation. She has designed a number of exchanges in Japan and the U.S.

Hiroko is the former director, executive vice president and treasurer of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank of California (DKBCAL). During her tenure there, she was the first and only woman on the board of directors. She was responsible for complete financial, operations and administrative management, and Hiroko successfully led professional teams with diverse technical and cultural backgrounds.

Hiroko is a founding member of and advisor to Global, Engagement, Wellbeing, Excellent, Leadership (GEWEL), a sister nonprofit organization of GOLD, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. GEWEL aims to contribute to organizations and societies through demonstrating and driving true diversity and inclusion leadership.

Active in many professional and community organizations, she currently serves on the board of governors of the Japan America Society of Southern California and the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. Her recognitions and honors include the 2013 Diversity Award from the International Professionals Society of Diversity and Inclusion Professionals and the 2014 Legacy of Leadership Award from Spelman College.

Keiko Koda
President and CEO, AsMama Inc.
Kanagawa, Japan

Keiko Koda is the founder and CEO of AsMama Inc., a platform that allows parents to support each other by sharing childcare responsibilities within a network or community. The system gives members the flexibility to pursue their self-realization, such as careers and volunteer service, regardless of their life stage. Since its inception in April 2013, more than 30,000 have taken advantage of AsMama's services.

Keiko previously served as the public relations senior manager with Ngi Group, Inc., and has worked with NIFTY Corporation, an Internet service provider.


Janelle Sasaki
Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Ernst & Young Advisory Co., Ltd. Japan

Mentoring Kiyomi Nojiri

Janelle Sasaki serves as the executive director of Diversity & Inclusion Services at Ernst & Young Advisory Co., Ltd. (EYA) in Tokyo, Japan. She advises on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) practices in the workplace for Japan and the Asian Pacific Region. In her position, she helps top Japanese and multi-national clients design and execute workforce, work style and marketplace solutions to create an inclusive culture.

Janelle has previously served as the Inclusion & Diversity leader for Cisco Systems Japan G.K., where she launched the company-wide D&I business strategy. In 2013, Cisco Japan received the Bridge Builder Award from the Global Organization for Leadership & Diversity (GOLD). Before her transfer to Japan, she worked in Silicon Valley for more than eight years.

Active on the Women in Leadership Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce Japan, Janelle has served in leadership roles for the U.S. Japan Council and Women in Technology Japan. She is the co-founder of the Japan D&I Business Round Table Network and she volunteers as a career coach for the next generation of leaders.

Janelle is a frequent international speaker on diversity and inclusion. She also has a passion for health and fitness and was a former competitive gymnast.

Kiyomi Nojiri, MD
President, Westfield Consulting, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

Kiyomi Nojiri, president of Westfield Consulting, Inc., established the firm in 2008 to provide occupational health services to Japanese workplaces in both the public and private sectors.

Prior to this, Kiyomi founded a successful consulting firm providing professional support nationwide. She subsequently sold the firm to a large health care provider but continues to serve as an advisor.

Kiyomi developed an interest in occupational health as a medical student at Tokyo Teishin Hospital. She advocates for working parents and is an active volunteer.


Lisa Carnoy
Market President, New York City
U.S. Trust
Bank of America
United States

Mentoring Satoko Kono

As market president, Lisa Carnoy is Bank of America’s leader in New York City, one of the company’s largest markets, helping to meet the financial needs of individuals, families and businesses by connecting them to resources within Bank of America. She also leads Bank of America’s local corporate social responsibility work, leveraging the company’s unmatched capabilities to help New York City address social and economic challenges and build stronger communities.

Carnoy is the Northeast Division executive for U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management. She leads a team that provides integrated investment, trust, banking and lending services to wealthy and ultra-wealthy clients. She is responsible for driving growth in the U.S. Trust business across the Northeast region and for enhancing collaboration between businesses across the firm.

Prior to joining U.S. Trust, Carnoy served as head of Global Capital Markets for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She is active in diversity and recruiting initiatives, is an executive sponsor for the Women’s Leadership Council and is a member of the GWIM Women’s Exchange Advisory Council.

Carnoy earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA cum laude in History/American Studies from Columbia. In 2010, she became a trustee of Columbia University where she chairs the Alumni Affairs and Development Committee.

In 2012 and 2013, Carnoy was named to American Banker’s list of “Most Powerful Women in Finance” and in 2014, a “woman to watch.” In 2013, she received the Merit Award from the Women’s Bond Club.

Satoko Kono
President, ARUN LLC
Tokyo, Japan

Satoko Kono currently serves as the president of ARUN, LLC. ARUN is Japan’s first social investment platform for empowering people in developing countries and in Japan through social investment, business matching, knowledge and experience sharing, enabling motivated investors and entrepreneurs to connect and support each other.

Since its founding, ARUN has achieved a high level of success and recognition, including The Nikkei Social Initiative Award (2015), Eco Japan Cup: Environmental Business Women Award (2010), and the Award for Excellence in the SBI Business Plan Contest (2009).

Satoko previously worked in Cambodia with NGOs and international aid agencies, including the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the World Bank.


Lisa Hasegawa
Executive Director, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development
United States
Mentoring Maco Yoshioka

Lisa Hasegawa is the executive director of the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (National CAPACD). National CAPACD is the first national advocacy organization dedicated to meeting the housing and community development needs of the Asian Pacific American community. The group focuses on four key community development areas: affordable housing development, economic and business development, community empowerment and cultural preservation, and neighborhood revitalization. National CAPACD has partnered with the National Council of La Raza, the National Urban League and other housing advocacy and civil rights organizations to respond to the foreclosure crisis and ensure that the voices of civil rights advocates are heard as the nation considers sweeping housing and financial services reforms.

Lisa serves on the boards of the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the American Progressive Caucus Policy Foundation. She also sits on AT&T’s Consumer Advisory Council and Freddie Mac’s Affordable Housing Advisory Council. She has provided leadership for the National Council for Asian Pacific Americans for over a decade, currently on the executive committee and as the chair from 2006 through 2007. Prior to joining National CAPACD, Lisa was the community liaison for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. She played a central role in organizing two Town Hall meetings, where hundreds of community-based organizations and individuals testified before the President's Advisory Commission on AAPIs about the critical issues facing Asian American and Pacific Islander communities across the country and in the Pacific Islands.

Maco Yoshioka
Founder and Executive Director, Madre Bonita
Tokyo, Japan

Maco Yoshioka is the founder and executive director of Madre Bonita, a Japanese nonprofit organization that supports the mental and physical wellbeing of women during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care. She was inspired to establish the organization after the birth of her son, when she recognized the Japanese healthcare system’s lack of postnatal support.

Madre Bonita seeks to educate women on issues of child development, domestic violence, and strategies for balancing employment with parenthood. Maco also highlights topics often overlooked in Japanese healthcare, including postpartum depression. Madre Bonita has been recognized for its work with the Google Impact Challenge and the Women Will Award.


Maria Mercedes Corrales
Former Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer, Starbucks Coffee Japan and Senior Vice President, Starbucks Corporation

Mentoring Yuki Uchida

Maria Mercedes Corrales has spent 35 years in the corporate world, the last 20 as a global executive for Levi Strauss and Co. and Starbucks Corporation. She led regional businesses across Asia Pacific and Latin America in various functional and general management roles. Mercy was one of the first non-Japanese women to become CEO and representative director for two publicly listed companies in Japan — Levi Strauss Japan KK (2001-2005) and Starbucks Coffee Japan KK (2006-2009).

Mercy has acted as Board director of Fraser and Neave Ltd. (Singapore), Times Publishing Singapore, Sara Lee/D.E. Master Blenders (Netherlands) and as an advisor for a private equity firm. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of Huhtamaki, a global packaging company based in Espoo, Finland and on the Board of Trustees of the Mapua Institute of Technology in the Philippines. Mercy works as a consultant and executive coach and is a frequent guest lecturer and speaker on topics such as leadership, organizational development, diversity, women and innovation.

Mercy’s other passion is her Healing Leaf Garden, an organic farm dedicated to natural healing of body, mind and spirit.

Yuki Uchida
Managing Director and Business Partner, Re:public Inc.
Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan

Yuki Uchida is currently the managing director and business partner at Re:public Inc., a Japanese innovation company that establishes innovation ecosystems in collaboration with corporations, universities and local and national administrations. Re:public facilitates the changes necessary for prosperous societies in the future through research and trainings for innovators covering a wide range of areas.

Yuki served as an intern for Paraná State government in Brazil, working there to apply the United Nations Sustainable City Alliance. She has worked on other regional planning projects in Italy, Chile and Vietnam. She also acted as a media producer for a real estate information service with Recruit Co., Ltd.


Dr. Sachiko Kuno
Co-Founder, President & CEO, S&R Foundation
Co-Founder and Founding CEO, Sucampo Pharmaceuticals
United States

Mentoring Yuka Iwatsuki

Dr. Sachiko Kuno, co-founded S&R Foundation in Washington, D.C., in 2000 to support talented individuals with high aspirations and great potential in science, art and social entrepreneurship, especially those who are furthering international cultural collaboration. Sachiko is also a founder and managing member of S&R Technology Holdings, LLC, a Bethesda, MD based holding company.

Sachiko earned her PhD in biochemical engineering from Kyoto University, Japan and conducted post-doctoral research at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. In the mid-1980s, Sachiko joined Dr. Ryuji Ueno in establishing R-Tech Ueno Ltd., which led to more than 650 international patents and the successful launch of Rescula® eye drops, the first bioactive lipid ever used to treat glaucoma, in Japan. Leveraging R-Tech's success in Japan, the two established the Sucampo Group, an affiliation of companies in the Americas, Asia and Europe, in Bethesda, MD. Sachiko served as Sucampo Group’s founding CEO, Chair of the Board or advisor until 2012. Sucampo and R-Tech Ueno are listed and traded on NASDAQ and Tokyo Jasdaq respectively.

Sachiko currently serves as a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Keio University, Board member of the National Cherry Blossom Foundation, Board member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Advisory Board member of THIS for Diplomats at Meridian International Center. She has completed certificate coursework in international business management at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Sachiko’s awards and recognitions include the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Greater Washington Area in the Life Sciences Category (2007), one of the 25 “Women Who Mean Business” by The Washington Business Journal (2009) and she was named “Georgetowner of the Year” in the Georgetowner (2014). In 2015, she was awarded the Citizens Association of Georgetown’s William A. Cochran Award, and recognized in Forbes magazine in both the U.S. and Japan as one of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women.”

Yuka Iwatsuki
President, ACE (Action Against Child Exploitation)
Tokyo, Japan

Yuka Iwatsuki, president and founder of Action against Child Exploitation (ACE), engages in various activities including advocacy and seminars for engaging citizens, corporations and organizations in ending child labor around the world. Acting as secretary general of STOP! Child Labor Network Japan, more than 1.6 million signatures were collected to support ending child labor. ACE has field projects of child labor in Ghana and India, and has rescued more than 1,200 children, providing education in each of its project communities. For its unique approach in involving corporations in this cause, ACE has won a category of the Partnership Award and has been nominated as finalist for Nikkei Social Initiative Award. ACE was also a nominee for the Iqbal Masih Award by the U.S. Department of Labor.

In advocacy, Yuka led the Tanzaku campaign team, which collected 711,211 citizen testimonials on global issues, to present to the Japanese prime minister at the Japan G8 Summit. Yuka served as a member of the Japanese National Preparatory Committee for Rio+20, and the Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Social Responsibility for a Sustainable Future. She is a lecturer at Obirin University, and was, until recently, a board member for the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation.


Tamao Sasada
Managing Director, Vice Chairman of Investment Banking Division, Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Merrill Lynch Japan Securities

Mentoring Tamiko Hayashi

Tamao Sasada serves as vice chairman of Japan Investment Banking. She is responsible for senior client relationship management and coverage effort of Japanese financial institutions as well as certain corporations, with primary focus on advising and assisting clients with various strategic needs, particularly on capital rising, funding diversification and cross border M&A opportunities.

Prior to joining Merrill Lynch in 1998, Sasada worked at Skadden Arps and Milbank Tweed as a corporate lawyer in New York for three years, where she engaged in various finance and corporate finance transaction projects for Japanese banks, as well as international financial institutions.

Sasada is a member of the New York Bar Association and a solicitor in the state of New South Wales, Australia. She was chosen to be one of the Asia 21 fellows by the Asia Society, and was named one of the Asia-Pacific New Leaders of 2009 by Generation 21. Sasada is a council member of the BAML APAC Diversity Committee, and also serves as a member of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives.

Sasada has a BA in law from Keio University and Sydney University.

Tamiko Hayashi
Founder and CEO, Wtree Inc. and NPO Social Concierge
Tokyo, Japan

Tamiko Hayashi founded the non-profit organization Social Concierge in 2007 to promote a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Social Concierge produces creative and editorial publications, as well as many events and workshops, including organic cooking seminars and green lifestyle workshops. In 2008, Tamiko founded Wtree Inc., an ethical fashion business. Wtree also offers ethical branding, marketing and public relations to a variety of clients.

Tamiko previously was a public relations specialist for several European luxury fashion brands. She also co-founded an ethnical knit collection, SHOKAY for TOHOKU, which offers skills training to senior female victims of the Tohoku tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Tamiko contributed to or created a number of blogs and publications, including DGBH (DoGood, BeHappy!), Vogue Japan, Dress, and Environmental Newspaper.

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