Progress Is Not a Sprint, It's a Marathon

October 13th, 2019— from Boystown to Pilsen to Chinatown — Chicago will come alive.

Bank of America will once again be joining forces with runners, volunteers and spectators who share the same desire to strengthen this great city. This isn’t just any weekend. It’s the 42nd running of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

This year, over 40,000 runners and nearly 2 million spectators will be going the distance for the city of Chicago. Generating $378 million, $40 million more than in 2017, they’ll be directly benefiting local Chicago businesses and charities, creating vital impact that will last the entire year.

To understand just how much this weekend contributes to Chicago’s economy, take it from Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski. After designing the course to run through 29 neighborhoods, he now marvels at the race’s ability to connect the city and raise money for charity —$22.7 million in 2018 alone.

The money that’s raised does amazing things for not only the local community, but also on a national and international level. With so many vibrant communities, connected in charitable action, it’s a weekend with potential to be felt around the world.

To Chicago Market President, and 10 time Chicago Marathon runner Paul Lambert, the course route is a tour of the city he loves. As he puts it, “What better way to see Chicago than a tour of the wonderful neighborhoods, the architecture, the energy, and the community.”

At Bank of America, we realize change doesn’t always happen overnight. We’re a part of Chicago. We live here too. We care deeply about what matters to the people in this city and are committed to taking action. Because when this city runs, it has the power to strengthen our community.


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