Chicagoans Divvy the 2017 marathon weekend

With more than 580 docking stations across the city, Divvy, Chicagoland’s bike share system, has become a staple of urban transportation in Chicago, enabling more than 12 million trips since launching in 2013.

On the 40th anniversary of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, visitors and locals count on Divvy, a program of the Chicago Department of Transportation, for a fun, convenient, affordable and eco-friendly transportation option.

Being green is core to our mission and we know that it’s also important to Bank of America and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Elliot Greenberger
General Manager of Divvy

Throughout race weekend, Divvy offered riders — volunteers, family, friends and spectators — an exhilarating way to travel the Bank of America Chicago Marathon course with a unique, ground-level perspective.

Divvy has seen firsthand the significant impact that race day and the days before have on its business. In fact, while the fall season typically means fewer riders, Divvy sees ridership spike on the day of the marathon, averaging roughly 13,500 total rides in 2015 and 2016, making the Bank of America Chicago Marathon one of the most popular days of the season to ride a blue bike around town.

Helping you help the environment
Since 2013, Divvy has partnered with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to promote greater sustainability and encourage eco-friendly transportation methods during race weekend. Biking helps reduce carbon emissions from automobiles and is a cost-friendly option for those making their way to support a specific runner or just cheering on the masses at the start and finish lines.

“At Divvy, we uniquely transform cities to make them more accessible, healthier and more sustainable,” said Elliot Greenberger, general manager at Divvy. “Being green is core to our mission, and we know that it’s also an important initiative to Bank of America and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. We’re excited they’ve selected us as a green transportation option.”

Get closer to the excitement of race day
On any given day, a number of Chicagoans can be seen riding underneath the “L” or down the lakefront path on a light-blue Divvy bike. But on race day, Divvy connects riders to the thrill of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, the runners and ultimately the city. While biking allows spectators to follow their loved ones from point A to point B, Divvy continues to connect people to the excitement of race day on a more personal level. Just like the runners, Divvy riders have the ability to fully take in scenic Chicago — from the unique atmosphere and ambiance of each neighborhood to iconic sights and sounds of the city and people.

“Every runner has a story and every family has a story behind that runner,” said Greenberger. “We’re pleased that we can help people get closer to that, which ultimately is really gratifying.”


Divvy bikes

Blue bikes connect Chicagoans to race day.

Elliot Greenberger of Divvy

Elliot Greenberger, General Manager of Divvy, leads Chicago’s bike share system to promote eco-friendly and fun transportation on race day.

Elliot Greenberger on Divvy bike

Divvy helps spectators and volunteers to get up close to the excitement of race day in Chicago.

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