Supporting the Inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur championship to help women make their mark

The Augusta National Women’s Amateur (ANWA) championship is a historic moment for the game of golf, the club and women everywhere. While the world tunes into the inaugural event, Bank of America embraces the opportunity to recognize the strides women have made both on and off the course.

“This is a huge moment for the game of golf, but most importantly, it’s a signal to women everywhere that we’re continuing to move the needle,” said Andrea Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Bank of America. “Bank of America is committed to empowering women to make meaningful contributions within our company and in communities across the globe, and we are incredibly proud to support this exciting milestone.”

Beyond the game

This seminal event highlights the vital role that women play in our society and in driving the economic growth that fuels the global economy. Bank of America is proud to provide women in business the power to succeed through partnerships that provide mentoring, training and access to capital.

This is a powerful moment in history, setting the stage for those playing in the ANWA championship to make their mark, and to learn from women like Annika Sörenstam, legendary golfer and entrepreneur, on how they continue to make a difference.

Ahead of the championship, Bank of America will convene key voices at an event in Charlotte that will amplify the enthusiasm surrounding the event, engaging virtual audiences around the country to advance the conversation around women in golf and business. By bringing together golf enthusiasts, media, influencers, employees and young women, Bank of America hopes to encourage the next generation to make their mark.

Inclusiveness in sports can also lead to greater equality in the workplace. Bank of America is dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion — starting with our own employees, by making sure every employee is given the support and resources to build and advance their careers.

When women are given the chance to make their mark, it has the power to move us all forward. The ANWA championship is the first of many historical moments for up-and-coming golfers, and Bank of America is proud to support their future.

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