From student leaders to community leaders

These Bank of America Student Leaders were recognized for their dedication to serving others. And even after graduation, they’re still going – committed and as impassioned as ever. See how our alumni continue to make their mark.​

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Nelson Araujo, 2004 Bank of America Student Leader

Nelson Araujo, a Nevada native born to immigrant parents and raised in a single parent household, was always interested in helping his peers, especially those who faced similar challenges he faced growing up. He saw the Student Leaders program, and his internship at the Boys and Girls Club, as an opportunity to help other young people. After his internship, Nelson joined his local Boys and Girls Club as an employee for the next two years. He then went on to work for a U.S. Senator for five years, a move that inspired him to run for public office himself. He is now the youngest legislator serving in the Nevada Legislature. As a Nevada State Assemblyman, Nelson has been instrumental in passing three critical bills pertaining to youth and positively impacting his community. He continues to share his experiences to show youth they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

Mary Rosen, 2006 Bank of America Student Leader

Before becoming a Student Leader, Mary was working part-time to support her family and studying independently. Mary still remembers the day she got the phone call inviting her to be a Student Leader, which she credits with changing her life. Mary interned at Jamboree Housing Program, where she was paired with mentors and learned skills she still uses today. She went on to work full-time at Jamboree Housing Program for over three years before joining the military.

Mary has stayed in touch with the connections she made and the mentors who guided her during the program. She now sits on the board of local nonprofits that are dedicated to families in need and veterans with PTSD. She continues to be a change-maker and inspires others to do the same.

Nathaniel Cole, 2004 Bank of America Student Leader

Nathaniel Cole has always been a strong advocate for youth. In 2004, after years of volunteering after school and on weekends, Nate was recognized as a Student Leader and worked at his local Boys and Girls Club. Not only did this paid internship set off his career path in youth development, but it opened him up to opportunities he previously didn’t know were even possible. After serving as the Executive Director of Urban Alliance D.C. for eight years, Nate joined America’s Promise Alliance, supporting its commitment to youth across the nation. As the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, he leads the organization’s workforce campaign and supports its membership of over 400 national partners. Nate continues to influence Student Leaders as a frequent speaker at the annual summit in Washington, D.C. which brings students together to develop further in their leadership paths.

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