Watch highlights and meet the participants from our twelfth Global Ambassadors Program in London

Our Global Ambassadors Program convened in London where aspiring women leaders came together with their mentors to discuss social change and economic opportunity. As part of our Program, these women were empowered to grow and build their organizations even amid challenges in their own countries.

See photos of speakers and attendees of our Global Ambassadors Program in London

Global Ambassadors Program, London

Shelley Brindle and Kim Kingsley are serving as mentors on Global Ambassadors Program in London.

Global Ambassadors Program, London

Iman Wadi, mentor, shares her experience as one of few Palestinian women mechanical engineers.

Global Ambassadors Program, London

Meryam El Ouafi, a mentee from Morocco who operates a tourism company, during the strategic management session.

Global Ambassadors Program, London

Tatyana Mikayilova, mentee, discusses her work leading a public relations and digital communications agency in Azerbaijan.

“Women, Progress and the Global Economy” public forum

Vital Voices and Bank of America Merrill Lynch hosted the “Women, Progress and the Global Economy” public forum in London. Watch Anne Finucane and Christiane Amanpour discuss how women leaders are impacting their communities and beyond.


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