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Money can be complicated. Learning about it shouldn't have to be.

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Through our partnership with Khan Academy, we’re creating a simple way to get real, practical knowledge about money. The free tools and information on help people get the know-how they need to make smarter, more-confident financial decisions.

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Each person's financial picture is different - we each have different goals and responsibilities. How we think about and manage our money can make a big difference.

We've all heard the statistics - 69 percent of people cite money as a top stressor. College graduates today are averaging nearly $30,000 in student debt. 32 percent of U.S. adults recognize their lack of financial knowledge has led them to make poor financial decisions, and 43 percent feel they have missed out on good financial opportunities for this reason. (Source: Bank of America/Harris Interactive 2013 Poll)
Through a partnership between Bank of America and Khan Academy, a leader in online learning, Better Money Habits has tapped into a different way to help people learn about money. It's about laying out the facts so that people can decide what makes sense for their personal situation. It's about covering topics people want to learn about, using terms and examples they can understand. It's about connecting information to people's goals and situations - so information is easily accessible when and where people need it.

Better Money Habits® is a free resource that enables everyone to understand finances through objective videos and tools. We want to ensure all consumers have access to all the information and resources you need to have informed conversations with your financial institution and make the best decisions for your situation. The content is based on what you tell us is important. Since our April 2013 launch, we've received thousands of ideas and suggestions that keep us connected to what people want to know more about which informs our work.

"The positive role we play in society is something we have demonstrated every day. Our purpose is to make financial lives better - the beauty of this partnership for us is that it brings that purpose to life by empowering consumers to take small steps that can make a big difference."
- Andrew Plepler, Bank of America’s Environmental, Social and Governance Executive

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