South Carolina

Over $1.5 million in support is helping nonprofits positively impact communities.*

Hard at Work in South Carolina

Bank of America began serving South Carolina more than 120 years ago. The Bank of Greenwood opened its doors in 1888, began expanding in the 1950s and emerged in 1969 as Bankers Trust. In 1985, Bankers Trust was purchased by NCNB, a NationsBank predecessor. Another predecessor, Citizens and Southern Bank of South Carolina was created in Charleston in 1929, and was purchased by Atlanta, GA-based C&S National Bank in 1986. In 1991, the merger of C&S/Sovran and NCNB created NationsBank. Today, Bank of America is one of the nation’s largest financial institutions and provides services to half of all American households.


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South Carolina

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*Over $1.5 million in nonprofit support for South Carolina in 2012.

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