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Partnering locally

Phoenix, AZ

Connecting to the Phoenix community

We’re proud to help fuel the local economy, address critical needs and revitalize neighborhoods – right here in Phoenix. Explore the stories, videos, and galleries below to see how.

Connecting healthcare customers with translation services CyraCom logo
video button VIDEO: Christopher, a Student Leader from Phoenix, believes success is living consistent with your values Bank of America Flagscape
video button VIDEO: Discover the moment players also became fans. See their favorite baseball memories and share your own. MLB Players
video button VIDEO: Finding dignity through work Teacher writing on whiteboard in front of classroom of students
video button VIDEO: The ultimate moviegoing experience in Phoenix Headshot of Harkins Theatres CEO/Owner, Dan Harkins
video button VIDEO: How a grassroots organization grew to support an entire community Man at Native American Connections, Inc.
video button VIDEO: A campus revitalizes Phoenix’s west side Grand Canyon University