Neighborhood Preservation

Over $1.6 billion is helping to provide affordable housing for families, seniors, veterans and others in the U.S.

Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Do you believe America's road to recovery begins in our local neighborhoods? These stories are about people and organizations working hard to preserve and revitalize communities. We're proud to support their efforts and do our part by investing in impactful, local and national programs that help to provide affordable housing, offer neighborhood residents home retention and foreclosure counseling, and promote neighborhood stabilization across the country.

Bank of America launches first-ever global Habitat for Humanity build

Sep 22, 2014

Over one week and seven time zones, our employees will help create affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods in the U.S., U.K., China, Thailand and Indonesia, as we extend our Habitat partnership with a $6 million investment in local affiliates…  learn More about Bank of America launches first-ever global Habitat for Humanity build

The Baltimore Sun

Falls Road landmark celebrates its industrial heritage

Mar 06, 2014

IN THE NEWS (The Baltimore Sun): For decades this mill was a structure out of a locked-room mystery. Its beautiful and enormous Victorian windows bricked up as cotton fell from favor and chemical-based polyester required climate control. And for nearly 40 years, it was a storage warehouse for Life-Like hobby products. Occasionally a tractor trailer would exit the place…  learn More about Falls Road landmark celebrates its industrial heritage

Ambler Boiler House

Changing the face of a local community

Jan 27, 2014

In 1881, the Keasbey and Mattison Company moved its manufacturing business from Philadelphia to Ambler, Pa., a thriving farming and industrial area. Their company was the lifeblood of the community until its demise during the Great Depression. While the Ambler Boiler House remained standing, the building was left vacant and deteriorating in the 1970s, becoming an environmental hazard and neighborhood blight…  learn More about Changing the face of a local community

A woman and student working on a computer at the Charles R. Drew Charter School

A community-led renewal in Atlanta

Dec 27, 2013

Bank of America and the East Lake Foundation work together to provide teens with workforce training and placement within the Villages of East Lake…  learn More about A community-led renewal in Atlanta

The Seattle Times

Chinatown ID Revitalized, Rebuilding

Jul 13, 2013

IN THE NEWS (The Seattle Times): Visitors to this weekend's Dragon Fest in the Chinatown International District might notice glints of change throughout the neighborhood. Hip new shops have opened and once seedy public spaces now attract lunchtime visitors, playing kids and impromptu games of chess…  learn More about Chinatown ID Revitalized, Rebuilding

*Bank of America provided more than $1.6 billion to help create more than 12,000 affordable housing units for individuals with special needs, families, seniors and veterans in 2011.

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