Helping small business in Massachusetts strengthen the economy with $279.2 million in new credit.*

Hard at Work in Massachusetts

The first of our predecessor banks, The Massachusetts Bank, was founded in 1784 not long after the country had won its independence. Early customers included Paul Revere, John Hancock, John Singleton Copley and James Bowdoin. The bank financed the first American shipping expedition to China just two years later and continued to expand across New England. A series of mergers created FleetBoston, which joined the Bank of America family in 2004. Today, Bank of America is one of the nation’s largest financial institutions and provides services to half of all American households.


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The Huffington Post

How A New Backpack Changed The Life Of A Homeless Teen

Dec 12, 2013

IN THE NEWS (The Huffington Post): It was August 2006 and I was delivering backpacks and school supplies from School on Wheels of Massachusetts to the children and teenagers living with their families in a Brockton, Massachusetts motel, when I noticed a young man watching me closely…  learn More about How A New Backpack Changed The Life Of A Homeless Teen

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Elizabeth Street Capital

Over the last 40 years, women-owned businesses have become an increasingly important part of the U.S. economy, growing from 5 percent to 30 percent of all businesses. These enterprises generate trillions of dollars in economic activity and revitalize communities by providing tens of millions of jobs, yet women entrepreneurs still face significant obstacles, including equitable access to capital and business networks…  learn More about Elizabeth Street Capital

The New York Times

Two Decades Of Change Have Boston Sparkling

Jan 06, 2014

IN THE NEWS (The New York Times): BOSTON — During the 1988 presidential campaign, Vice President George Bush famously shined a spotlight on the “open sewer” that was Boston Harbor…  learn More about Two Decades Of Change Have Boston Sparkling

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Making watercolors accessible for everyone

Mar 27, 2014

Behind Bank of America’s support of the Sargent Watercolors exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston…  learn More about Making watercolors accessible for everyone

*Extended $279.2 million in new credit to Massachusetts small businesses in 2012.

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20% Increase in New Credit to U.S. Small Businesses from 2012
To have a company like Bank of America be willing to really step up and help through volunteering, through financial donations, and through public awareness is quite phenomenal.

Vicki Escarra
CEO/President, Feeding America