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Dallas, TX

Connecting to the Dallas community

We’re proud to help fuel the local economy, address critical needs and revitalize neighborhoods – right here in Dallas. Explore the stories, videos, and galleries below to see how.

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SUPER: Marty Garvey, Owner/Partner, Jakes Hamburgers

Marty Gravey: You know how it is when you’re brothers.

Marty Gravey: People look at us and go are you guys crazy? But really it’s been a great partnership, who else can you trust but you’re brother?

Greg Garvey: The original Jakes was just an old gas station.

Marty Gravey: It was a drive through counter service where you step up to the counter, they call your number.

Greg Gravey: We just decided to expand upon that.

Marty Gravey: We took it into 21st century with full bars, servers, great patios. The beef is ground fresh daily.

Greg Gravey: We have been voted best burger in Dallas numerous times. I mean it really shows that we take pride in what we do.

Marty Gravey: There is no ceiling to where we can go with this, and we are definitely growing. Greg Gravey: In order to grow we need to have a relationship with a bank.

Marty Gravey: Bank of America just stepped up to the plate and enabled us to do this restaurant built to suit so it has a neighborhood feel, it was a no brainer.

Greg Gravey: Bank of America was that bank that we were really looking for.

Marty Gravey: We are just not another account number and to me and Greg that is paramount.

Greg Gravey: We talked about what’s coming up next, what’s on the slate, you know what’s coming on down the road, what do we need to get geared up for. We have a lot of conversations like that with our banking team. And their ability to keep a pulse on what’s going on with us has allowed us to continue to grow jobs and and expand our concept. And you know every time we open up a new location it’s another 50 or 65 jobs. It’s been a win win situation.

Greg Gravey: We have people coming through our doors and leaving satisfied with a smile on their face. It lets me wake up everyday excited to go to work, so it’s a really great feeling.


Graphic: Bank of America (logo)

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