Connect to history

As part of our commitment to supporting the arts,
we've partnered with acclaimed historical filmmaker Ken Burns.

Bank of America is proud to sponsor the work of Ken Burns and Florentine Films. We share Ken Burns's vision to make U.S. history into a riveting narrative, not just homework, and create a lasting impact with the general public and in classrooms around the country.

The Address

We're proud to sponsor Ken Burns's documentary, The Address. Explore the stories below and see how the speech that brought our nation back together still connects us today.

video button VIDEO: See how a speech given 150 years ago can still connect us today Abraham Lincoln headshot
video button VIDEO: Watch the trailer for The Address Greenwood School student studying
video button VIDEO: See Ken Burns recite his version of the Gettysburg Address Ken Burns recites The Address
IN THE NEWS: Ken Burns reminds us of what we share… Ken starting a movement that has attracted all five living presidents.