Connect to history

As part of our commitment to supporting the arts,
we've partnered with acclaimed historical filmmaker Ken Burns.

Bank of America is proud to sponsor the work of Ken Burns and Florentine Films. We share Ken Burns's vision to make U.S. history into a riveting narrative, not just homework, and create a lasting impact with the general public and in classrooms around the country.

Also by Ken Burns

Explore all of the documentaries from Bank of America's ongoing partnership with Ken Burns and Florentine Films.

video button VIDEO: Learn more about Ken Burns' newly restored documentary The Civil War. Ken Burns Civil War
video button VIDEO: The Dust Bowl: The rich history of Middle America's decade-long drought Middle American drought
video button VIDEO: Prohibition: The rise and fall of the 18th Amendment in America Barrels on ship
video button VIDEO: Watch the trailer for the 25th anniversary re-release of Ken Burns' The Civil War from Bank of America Ken Burns Civil War
video button VIDEO: The War: The story of World War II like you've never seen it before American soldier
video button VIDEO: Ken Burns's Famous Baseball series goes to extras in The Tenth Inning Man smiling.
video button VIDEO: Ken Burns documents America's Best Idea: The National Parks View of mountaintops