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"We are focusing our resources on the number one priority - looking after people"
— Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America

Bank of America will continue to devote the necessary resources to help ensure your personal safety, while maintaining the services you count on. With this in mind, we have temporarily closed some of our financial centers, which may result in longer wait times at other locations. For the most efficient experience, you can schedule an appointment ahead of time. Remember, you can enroll in online banking to manage your accounts, make loan payments, pay bills, and more at your own convenience.

As new developments emerge, we will share information with you about how we continue to operate safely and effectively and assist all our clients.

Economic Impact Payment

The U.S. Federal Government is delivering a new round of "Economic Impact Payments" to eligible Americans as part of an emergency coronavirus relief package. These direct cash payments to individuals and families are sometimes referred to as "stimulus checks."

If you’re receiving payment by check, you can deposit your check using our Mobile Banking app and get immediate confirmation that your deposit is processing. 

For help in locating more detailed information and answers to your questions, watch our Economic Impact Payment video or visit the link below.

Economic Impact Payment Info
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GO MOBILE Convenient and secure banking

Our Mobile Banking app1 is a convenient way to check account status, pay bills and deposit checks at any time and from almost anywhere. Erica, your virtual financial assistant in the app, can help you make your everyday banking easier.2

You can also use your phone’s digital wallet to pay at stores where you see the contactless symbol. No need to touch cash or in many cases, the terminal. Plus, you can use your wallet to pay for purchases online and in-app at participating merchants.

Everyday banking

Discover our Mobile Banking app for secure banking from almost anywhere.

Pay bills

See how to easily pay bills using our Mobile Banking app.

Send and receive money

Use Zelle®3 to send and receive money with friends and family.

Mobile check deposit

See how to use our Mobile Banking app to deposit checks4 into your account.


In our newest video with Holly O’Neill, Head of Consumer, Small Business & Wealth Management Client Care, hear about the additional assistance we are providing to help clients and small businesses experiencing hardships. Also hear about Bank of America’s digital and mobile resources available to you and all of our clients who may need to bank at home.

As we continue to focus on what matters to you, we want to know about your experience with us. If you would like to share any feedback or comments, please email Holly directly at

If you have a servicing request, please contact us as email is not a secure way to send confidential information.

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Manage your credit card

Enroll in Online Banking or Mobile Banking to get quick online access to the most frequently used credit card features and services. You can activate your card, report a lost card, change your PIN and more — all from the convenience of home.

Manage your card
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Stay connected, stay protected

To help keep your account information safe and secure, make sure your contact information is up to date and set up security and account alerts5 so we can stay in touch. Remember, if we need to reach out to you, we’ll NEVER ask for personal or financial information or an access code through email, text or unsolicited calls. Visit our Security Center or the Federal Trade Commission's Coronavirus Scam Tips for tips on how to recognize potential scams and learn more about how to keep your accounts safe.

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Keeping our financial centers open is an important part of our fundamental role in our communities. Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our teammates and clients at each location. We have taken proactive steps to enhance cleaning procedures to limit the risk of exposure, based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and we follow local restrictions on the number of clients that can enter at one time.

To perform enhanced, daily cleanings and best serve our clients, we temporarily modified our operating hours. Please use our Financial Center and ATM locator to check the hours and services available in your area.

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Important update to the Paycheck Protection Program

New federal relief legislation known as the Economic Aid Act authorizes the Small Business Administration (SBA) to approve additional Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.

We are now accepting applications from clients for first and second draw PPP loans.

Visit our Small Business Assistance Site to learn how to access our PPP loan application.

For the latest details on PPP, including program rules and requirements, please visit the SBA website.

As a reminder, according to the rules of the program set forth by the U.S. Government:

 • Businesses with 500 or fewer employees that have not previously received a PPP loan may apply for a PPP loan to help with payroll, rent, utilities, healthcare costs and more

 • Businesses that have already received a PPP loan may apply for a second draw PPP loan if they have used all of their first loan (or will have by the time of disbursement of the second loan), have no more than 300 employees and can demonstrate a revenue reduction of at least 25%

Please note: Clients who previously received a PPP loan through another lender, and who wish to apply for a second draw PPP loan, should submit their second draw application to that original lender.

At Bank of America, the PPP is administered online only. All information and correspondence related to PPP will occur online and through email, including the application process, submission of required documents and follow-up correspondence.

For the latest information on our ongoing support for small businesses, please visit our Small Business Assistance Site.

Simplified PPP loan forgiveness process

The new legislation includes provisions that further simplify the PPP loan forgiveness application process for loans of $150,000 or less, whereby a borrower signs and submits a one-page certification to the lender. The legislation requires the SBA to produce a simplified forgiveness application not more than one page in length within 24 days from enactment into law.

We are awaiting this additional guidance from the SBA and plan to roll out our simplified PPP loan forgiveness application in February. Please note:

  • Clients who have not yet received an invitation to apply for PPP loan forgiveness will be provided an email with information on how to apply in the coming weeks
  • Clients who have been invited to apply for PPP loan forgiveness may proceed using one of the existing applications (SBA Form 3508, 3508EZ or 3508S). However, in light of the new federal legislation, clients with PPP loans of $150,000 or less may wish to wait to apply using the new simplified application form. We will provide an updated invitation to eligible clients when the simplified application process becomes available to them in February.
  • For clients who have already submitted an application for PPP loan forgiveness, we will continue to process that application. Clients with loans of $150,000 or less are welcome to continue with their in-process application or withdraw it and reapply using the new simplified application when it becomes available. Clients with newly eligible expenses or who wish to elect a newly allowable Covered Period may also withdraw their in-process application and reapply. Please note that once we submit a client’s application to the SBA, the client will be unable to withdraw it.

As a reminder, you may submit a loan forgiveness application at any time after the end of your Covered Period and on or before the maturity date of your loan, as long as you have an outstanding balance on your PPP loan. This guidance applies regardless of the terms in your PPP Promissory Note.

Please note that your PPP loan deferral period will end prior to your maturity date, at which point you will need to start making payments on any unforgiven amount. Please visit our FAQs for more details.

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Managing your payments

Bank of America offers additional support to our consumer and small business clients.

If you have questions about your ability to make payments, we’re here to assist with information regarding your credit card, vehicle loan and home loan payments.

Get payment information

See how CARES Act provisions may affect IRAs and retirement plans.

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