What would you like the power to do?

The oldest parts of our company extend back 240 years. Since that time, we’ve come together from many sources to become what we are today: A company united in our purpose to help make financial lives better through the power of every connection.

Over the last several years, we have strengthened our company and sharpened our focus on serving our customers: people, companies of all sizes, and institutional investors. We are driving responsible growth, and our commitment to that has resulted in record results – strong earnings with high customer and employee satisfaction.

This progress gives us the opportunity to take the next step forward to demonstrate for our clients that we are a partner invested in their success.

This starts with a single idea for our company, across all of our businesses based on a simple question that has been core to our legacy of capabilities and service for 240 years:

“What would you like the power to do?”

The question begins a conversation that puts the client in control: the power to save for the future, the power to start my own business and see it grow, the power to leave a lasting legacy, the power to tackle global challenges.

Our story is all about the impact clients can have and the progress they can make. And we are here to serve them, and to help them do it.

Brand updates
In 2018, we introduced an updated corporate logo as a visible reflection of the company’s progress.

Twenty years ago, we introduced the Bank of America brand and our iconic Flagscape logo – signifying the merger of BankAmerica and NationsBank to create the first coast-to-coast bank in the U.S.

In the two decades since, we have become a global financial services company that serves one out of every two households in the U.S. and the majority of Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Our modern logo reflects this contemporary brand – one that delivers both cutting-edge technology and high-touch solutions for our clients around the globe. It is a symbol of a culture of service today, but one that is always looking to what the future holds for our clients and for the communities we serve.

In February 2019, we took the next step in the way our brand is seen to better reflect the way we live our purpose and drive responsible growth across our eight lines of business on a unified basis for those we serve.

  • Bank of America remains our enterprise brand and also represents our banking services for people and companies.
    This includes Consumer and Small Business, the Private Bank and our businesses focused on companies (Global Commercial Banking, Global Transaction Services, Business Banking, Wholesale Credit, and parts of Corporate Banking). As part of this, U.S. Trust will transition to the Bank of America brand as the Bank of America Private Bank.
  • Merrill will serve as a sub-brand for our investing and wealth management offerings, representing the continuum of capabilities across wealth management, from self-directed to full-service advisory services.
    Merrill Edge Self-Directed, Merrill Guided Investing, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Merrill Private Wealth Management (formerly our Private Banking and Investment Group) will transition to this sub-brand.
  • BofA Securities will represent our institutional broker-dealer businesses, including Global Banking and Markets, Investment Banking, and Capital Markets.

As our brand continues to evolve, our commitment to clients remains steadfast. We deliver everything we can for our clients by deepening our relationship with each, ensuring we are helping each individual and each business, through the power of every connection we can help them make.

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