Supporting disaster relief efforts in Louisiana, California and the Northwest region

To date, 2016 has been one of the worst natural disaster years on record with flooding and wildfires affecting multiple communities across the country. Each year, Bank of America participates as an American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP) and Disaster Responder member, providing support to prepare the American Red Cross before disaster strikes. ADGP and Disaster Responder members serve as a reliable funding base for disaster relief services that enables the Red Cross to respond immediately, meeting the needs of individuals and families affected by disaster, regardless of cost. Right now the Red Cross is on the ground and taking action with the support of our ADGP and Disaster Responder partners.

We are providing $100,000 to organizations working to address relief and recovery from devastating flooding in Louisiana. It is the country’s largest natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Additionally, in view of the widespread devastation caused by wildfires across California and in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state, we are providing a total of $120,000 to relief organizations including the American Red Cross through the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to address wildfire relief and recovery.

If you have family or friends in an affected area, or if you are somewhere affected by a natural disaster, the following tips can help ensure that you stay connected to family and friends:

  • Use the Red Cross Emergency App, which features an “I’m Safe” button that allows you to post a message to your social media accounts.
  • The Red Cross Emergency App features a “Family Safe” feature that allows people to check on loved ones who are in an area affected by an emergency and instantly see if they are safe.
  • As an alternative, visit to register yourself online. If you are concerned about a loved one, visit the “Search” page on that site, and enter the person’s name and pre-disaster phone number or complete address.


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