Support for military spouses

Employment can be a major challenge for military spouses, who deal with many challenges back home while their husband or wife is deployed. Abby Hollingsworth knows those challenges firsthand, as she’s balanced family obligations with her career at Bank of America.

Abby, her husband and their one-year-old daughter are currently stationed at Fort Campbell, where she focuses on Bank of America’s philanthropic efforts as senior vice president and program manager for the Environmental Social Governance team.

In the past six years, Abby and her family have moved five times. Her husband, Robert Hollingsworth, is an active duty helicopter pilot in the Army. With every move, Bank of America and the My Work program have assisted Abby so that she can keep her position, even in cities that don’t have corporate offices. Without this flexibility, Abby says she would have had to compromise living with her husband to keep her position.

Bank of America’s Job Transition Assistance Program is another bank initiative that gives every military spouse at the bank access to a streamlined, personalized program should they need help connecting with a position in a new state or city.

Abby also collaborated with Bank of America volunteers to pack and send toiletry kits to her husband’s deployment region in Afghanistan. As a pilot, her husband helped facilitate the delivery of the 2,000 care packages to grateful soldiers.

Bank of America ensures that military spouses grow their careers through the changes that come with military life. However, Abby has advice for other military spouses: You must be confident, independent, and stay busy while your partner is deployed.

"There are a lot of times your spouse is gone for training in another country … and they're so stressed they may not have the capacity to comfort you," she said. "You have to be strong to support them."


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