LA Dodgers Foundation partners with Bank of America to teach Better Money Habits®

Participants in the Dodgers RBI (Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities) program recently gathered with their parents for a Better Money Habits® seminar, hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) in conjunction with Bank of America.

Through the financial literacy program, LADF and Bank of America taught children the importance of seeking out and utilizing community resources, and included their parents and family members as well.

“We want kids from all walks of life to know that finances are within their control and that they have the tools they need to feel confident and to plan their financial future,” said Bank of America Project Manager Maria Arias.

Bank of America’s Better Money Habits® provides educational content about financial literacy online and through partner initiatives such as the one with LADF. The financial literacy session is just one of many opportunities designed for kids from 5 to 18 years old, where they can learn life skills along with baseball and softball. Through the program, participants are provided with a local field, equipment and access to a myriad of educational, health and wellness resources, including, college tours, books, free eye exams and coaching from Dodgers alumnus Dennis Powell.

“There was nothing like this around when I was growing up,” said Powell, who was born in Moultrie, Ga., and signed to the Dodgers in 1985. “My parents didn’t even teach us about financial institutions, so I had to learn the hard way, which was through mistakes and not knowing how to read the fine print.”

The message from the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation and Bank of America is that regardless of a person’s background, financial literacy is ultimately a life tool that should be leaned at an early age and reinforced in every community.


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