Our longstanding partnership with Feeding America helps families in need

Our work with Feeding America provides food for families facing hunger across the country. The process of getting food to Americans in need requires a dynamic infrastructure and sophisticated management. Central to that process is the tireless commitment of food banks and the local food pantries they supply. Feeding America helps coordinate and facilitate the movement of donated food and grocery products to member food banks, which ensure the safe storage and reliable distribution of goods to local food pantries and meal programs. The food banks in turn distribute food and grocery items to people in need through food pantries and meal programs that serve children, families, seniors and other groups at risk of hunger.

Learn more about Feeding America’s distribution network by visiting http://www.feedingamerica.org/about-us/how- we-work/.

Below are real stories from some of the families that Feeding America’s network of food banks serve.

Client stories

Lamont from Layton, Utah

I used to work for a cable company. We had it all, really. But then I got hurt at work, and it all fell apart. I did not want to visit a food pantry. But there I was, without work and without food. I was scared walking through that door for the first time, but everyone was so kind. I began to volunteer at the pantry. They saw something in me, and soon, hired me. I was later promoted to a director, and now I’m in charge of a program that works with families to break the cycle of poverty.”

Rose from Richmond, VA

I grew up in a family of eight children, and even though my mother worked hard to provide, she often couldn’t make ends meet. Today, I run the food pantry at my church. In our community, there are so many people in need, including so many children. Many of us at the church give our own money to make sure we can run this pantry. That’s how much we care about it.


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