We're helping communities thrive by fighting hunger

Today, hunger remains a pressing issue facing many individuals and families with 1 in 8 people in the US struggling to find their next meal. For many, hunger is a symptom of poverty and broader issues that have affected their ability to access and pay for this most basic necessities. We recognize that when needs, such as hunger, are not met, individuals and families can't move forward to longer-term economic success through education, jobs and better money habits. That's why we've formed partnerships with nonprofits leading the fight against hunger, engaged our customers and clients to raise awareness and funds, and connected employee volunteers to meaningful hunger-relief opportunities.

In our sixth year partnering on Give A Meal, we matched donations to Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger-relief organization, on a 2–to-1 basis, up to $1.5 million. It was our most successful program to date with over $5 million in donations, which resulted in more than 55million meals for families and individuals in need. From September through December, Give A Meal offered individuals the opportunity to support their local food banks, resulting in the bulk of donations directed at their local food bank. And, Bank employees rallied around this effort - with over 2400 hunger relief volunteer events held during the course of Give A Meal and throughout the year.

Some highlights of the Bank’s hunger relief efforts throughout 2017:

  • Over $5 million in donations, highest total ever for Give A Meal program by over 50%, resulting in 31 million meals.
  • More than 150 food banks received donations and bank matching funds via the local funding option - 88% of all funds helped local food banks.
  • Almost 100,000 Bank of America volunteer hours for hunger relief programs, with more than 15,000 bank employees volunteering. One of the top volunteer causes for the bank all year.
  • Bank-led large-scale food packing events in New York City, Boston, Atlanta, and Las Vegas during Give A Meal program.

“Hunger is an issue affecting people in every single county in the United States. The Feeding America network of 200-member food banks are on the ground helping children and families in communities across the country who may not know where their next meal will come from, but we can’t end hunger alone. We are grateful to Bank of America and its employees and customers. This year’s record-breaking Give A Meal program helps us achieve our goal of providing nutritious food to our neighbors in need, addressing a fundamental challenge so they can pursue new opportunities.” said Matt Knott, President of Feeding America.

“Give A Meal provides much-needed funds to local food banks. And, our employee volunteers are making tremendous impact providing much-needed hands on support to these organizations addressing hunger." said Kerry Sullivan, President of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. “Our work to address hunger relief is part of our broader efforts to advance economic mobility, enabling individuals and families to move forward along the economic continuum."

Give a Meal is a promotional campaign of Feeding America® with the goal to help provide meals to families in need. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


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