Together, we have the power to break the cycle and end hunger

Through our partnership with Feeding America® on Give A Meal, we have the power to break the cycle and end hunger in our communities.

Hunger remains a pressing issue facing millions of individuals and families. Nearly 40 million people in America, which is about 1 out of every 8 Americans, struggle to find their next meal. Food is often the first expense sacrificed in order to pay for other expenses like utilities, education and health.

As part of Bank of America’s continued commitment to advance economic mobility for individuals living on the margins, we’ve partnered for the seventh year with Feeding America® and its nationwide network of food banks to engage customers, employees and the community through Give A Meal.

Through our partnership and by leveraging our collective networks and scale, we believe we can a make a greater impact and help those at risk of hunger. We invite you to join this effort as we work to break the cycle and end hunger.

“Breaking the cycle of hunger doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a symptom of poverty and requires a comprehensive approach to ensure that families and individuals have access to all the basic needs, including affordable housing, training that is needed for a job with a livable wage, and the tools and resources that can help them improve their financial lives,” said Kerry Sullivan, president of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. “By focusing on the issue of hunger, we are addressing a basic need that is fundamental to economic mobility, and we are helping to advance longer-term solutions for families and communities.”

How Give A Meal works

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation donated $1,500,000 to help break the cycle of hunger this year.* This money helped Feeding America and its network of food banks to provide meals to individuals and families at risk of hunger. Every dollar raised will help provide at least 10 meals to individuals and families facing hunger. Donations will continue to be accepted through the end of the year, and you can designate your contribution to Feeding America or to one of the member food banks (defined by your zip code).

The Give A Meal program has been highly successful, helping to provide over 250 million meals over the seven years of this program. In 2017 alone, we helped provide 55 million meals to families in need through the Give A Meal program.

Our commitment to addressing access to basic needs

For many, hunger is a symptom of poverty and broader issues that have affected their ability to access and pay for this most basic necessity. Bank of America remains committed to breaking the cycle and ending hunger in our communities, which is foundational to establishing economic mobility, improving financial lives and putting those living on the margins on a path toward success.

We recognize that when needs, such as hunger, are not met, individuals and families can't move forward to longer-term economic success. Alleviating food insecurity leads to stronger and healthier people. This is a critical stepping stone on the path to economic mobility, which is why we partner with community organizations that focus on hunger.

Together, we have the power to break the cycle and end hunger in our communities!


*Give a Meal is a promotional campaign of Feeding America with the goal to help provide meals to families in need. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Donations designated to "Feeding America" will support Feeding America’s mission to feed individuals and families facing hunger and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. Gifts designated to "Your Local Food Bank" will benefit the food bank served by the billing zip code entered by the donor. If more than one food bank serves the territory of the donor’s billing zip code, the donation will benefit each food bank equally. $1 = 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of member food banks.

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