Letter from our Vice Chairman

At Bank of America, we define sustainable growth through an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework, ensuring that we are growing the right way.

Our approach to ESG goes far beyond our philanthropy and volunteer efforts. It’s about ensuring we are growing responsibly and making money the right way– connecting people, companies and institutional investors to the responsible products and services that meet their needs. It’s also about creating shared success by investing those profits in the things that will collectively move us forward – making our business more efficient, helping our employees realize their potential and helping local communities around the world address their biggest challenges.

Our progress in this area is having a tangible impact on how we bring our purpose to life – guiding activities like providing access to capital for women entrepreneurs, increasing our environmental business initiative to $125 billion, eliminating overdraft fees for debit cards at point of sale or connecting a company to the resources it needs to expand its global footprint.

The pursuit of true sustainability is an opportunity for us to capitalize on our size and global reach -- to use not only financial capital but intellectual capital and partnerships to help create a better future for all.

Anne M. Finucane
Vice Chairman, Bank of America

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