Nonprofits continue to achieve their goals, thanks in part to $4.4 million in support.*

Hard at Work in Pennsylvania

Bank of America began serving Pennsylvania more than 120 years ago. Hazleton National Bank opened its doors in 1890 and expanded throughout the state until Fleet National Bank acquired it in 2001. Fleet National Bank entered the Bank of America family four years later. Today, Bank of America is one of the nation’s largest financial institutions and provides services to half of all American households.


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Ambler Boiler House

Changing the face of a local community

Jan 27, 2014

In 1881, the Keasbey and Mattison Company moved its manufacturing business from Philadelphia to Ambler, Pa., a thriving farming and industrial area. Their company was the lifeblood of the community until its demise during the Great Depression. While the Ambler Boiler House remained standing, the building was left vacant and deteriorating in the 1970s, becoming an environmental hazard and neighborhood blight…  learn More about Changing the face of a local community

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Elizabeth Street Capital

Over the last 40 years, women-owned businesses have become an increasingly important part of the U.S. economy, growing from 5 percent to 30 percent of all businesses. These enterprises generate trillions of dollars in economic activity and revitalize communities by providing tens of millions of jobs, yet women entrepreneurs still face significant obstacles, including equitable access to capital and business networks…  learn More about Elizabeth Street Capital


Connecting Philadelphia’s Youth to the Workforce

Dec 17, 2013

The Philadelphia Youth Network partners with Bank of America on the WorkReady Philadelphia summer employment program and hosts five Student Leaders…  learn More about Connecting Philadelphia’s Youth to the Workforce

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Improving Operations to Fight Hunger

Jul 17, 2012

One out of every eight households in Pennsylvania does not have the resources to put adequate food on the table, a problem only compounded by the economic downturn. In the Delaware Valley region that includes Philadelphia, there are 900,000 people at risk for hunger…  learn More about Improving Operations to Fight Hunger

*Over $4.4 million in nonprofit support for Pennsylvania in 2012.

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