Bank of America is employing military personnel and veterans

Jul 18, 2013

Monica Gupta

Learn about our longstanding tradition of supporting our troops.

Today, approximately 6,800 military personnel, veterans, National Guard and Reserve members currently work at Bank of America. Many came from generations of family members who served in World War II, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, who were their inspiration for joining the armed forces, along with those that have started a proud tradition all their own.

As the current generation of veterans comes home, Bank of America is committed to helping military veterans and their families with their return to civilian life including through employment. Jeff Cathey, Senior Military Affairs Executive at the bank, spent 29 years in the military, and his father, brothers and sister all served. He says that the bank is dedicated to reintegrating these returning veterans into the workforce by helping provide housing and jobs, and addressing critical needs.

Monica Gupta, a bank employee and member of the National Guard who served in Iraq as part of Operation New Dawn, found it to be an experience that tested her in every way. She says proudly, “I’m the first in my family to serve. Hopefully I get to start my own tradition of military service.”

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Military men and women are a critically important part of our communities, and we’re in a unique position to support them.

Jeff Cathey
head of Bank of America’s Military Affairs Advisory Group