How a Dallas–Fort Worth Hamburger Spot Created a Recipe for Success

Nov 09, 2011

Video Transcript

SUPER: The Legacy of Opportunity

SUPER: Greg Garvey, Owner, Jake's Hamburgers

SUPER: Marty Garvey, Owner, Jake's Hamburgers

SUPER: Matt Renna, Client Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

V/O (Greg Garvey): Jake's was birthed here in Dallas back in 1985. And my brother and I bought the brand in 2003. My brother and I have a very special relationship. We’re both driven by having fun and it translates into the concept “Burgers, Beer and Atmosphere."

V/O (Marty Garvey): You know how it is when you’re brothers. A lot of people look at us and go “Are you guys crazy?" But really it’s been a great partnership. Who else can you trust but your brother?

V/O (Greg Garvey): The original Jake's was just an old gas station.

V/O (Marty Garvey): It was a drive-thru, counter server, where you step up to the counter, they call your number.

V/O (Greg Garvey): We just decided to expand upon that.

V/O (Marty Garvey): We took it into the 21st century, full-bars, servers, great patios, the beef is ground fresh daily.

V/O (Greg Garvey): We have been voted best burger in Dallas numerous times. I mean it really shows that we take pride in what we do.

V/O (Marty Garvey): There is no ceiling to where we can go with this and we are definitely growing.

V/O (Greg Garvey): In order to grow, we need to have a relationship with a bank.

V/O (Marty Garvey): Bank of America just stepped up to the plate, and enabled us to do this restaurant built to suit so it has a neighborhood feel. It was a no-brainer.

V/O (Greg Garvey): Matt, our representative, is unbelievable.

V/O (Marty Garvey): You know, he’s very approachable. He’s young, he’s energetic, he lives in the neighborhood, he’s got my cell number, I’ve got his cell number. We are just not another account number. And to me and Greg that is paramount.

V/O (Greg Garvey): He is very concerned about what is going on with us and taking care of our needs, and man — I got nothing but kudos for him.

V/O (Matt Renna): I actually live about three blocks away from Jake's and my wife and I eat there all the time. And it's fun to watch their business continue to grow. Today there are seven locations — five here in the Dallas area and two out in Fort Worth. The brothers have a good idea of where they want their business to be and we are here to help them with that.

V/O (Greg Garvey): Matt’s ability to keep a pulse on what is going on with us has allowed us to continue to grow jobs and expand our concept. You know, every time we open a new location it's another 50-65 jobs. It’s been a win-win situation. We have people coming through our door and leaving satisfied with a smile on their face. That lets me wake up every day, excited to go to work, so that’s a really great feeling.

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[Bank of America Client Representative Matt Renna]'s ability to keep a pulse on what is going on with us has allowed us to continue to grow jobs and expand our concept...It’s been a win-win situation.

Greg Garvey
Owner, Jakes Hamburgers