The Global Ambassadors Program, a Vital Voices and Bank of America partnership

Feb 29, 2012

Women are a force for driving economic, political and social change. The Global Ambassadors Program, a Vital Voices and Bank of America partnership, is designed to provide mentorship opportunities for emerging women leaders in developing countries. The effort builds on Bank of America’s history of investing in leadership development, which is guided by a belief that strong leaders are vital to healthy, vibrant communities and a core to creating economic growth. It’s part of Bank of America’s global corporate social responsibility strategy to deliver long-term business success and make a positive impact in communities.

The Global Ambassadors Program was developed in partnership between Bank of America and Vital Voices, a leading international nongovernmental organization training and mentoring emerging women leaders. The goal of the Global Ambassadors Program is to invest in women leaders around the world to help address economic disparities and create a more prosperous and secure world. Over the next five years, we expect to mobilize over 225 Global Ambassadors to reach at least 6,750 women leaders. Bank of America and Vital Voices’s aim is to provide thousands of leaders with the skills, tools and knowledge they need to positively contribute to their communities, the global economy and a more sustainable future.

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How It Works

As part of the program, each emerging leader will be matched with an established leader from business, nonprofit, media or government, who is skilled in providing mentoring support and guidance.

Mentors and mentees come from diverse backgrounds with demonstrated high levels of achievement and potential.

Over time, mentors and their mentees will help build critical communications, advocacy and business skills and develop strategies for emerging leaders to advance their work and positively impact their communities.

Bank of America and Vital Voices will match Global Ambassadors with mentees in numerous countries around the world such as Haiti, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

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We need to change how people in our society think about women. All of society will benefit, not only women. I should participate in building my country.

Esraa Abdel Fattah
Egyptian Pro-Democracy Activist