Women in Tech: The Story of Skillcrush

By Stephen Robert Morse |  Sep 13, 2012

Skillcrush, a female-led New York City start-up, seeks to revolutionize technology education for women.

2012 may be remembered as the year that women working in technology empowered themselves.

One start-up that exemplifies this ethos is New York City-based Skillcrush, founded in April 2012. The company aims to make technology education accessible to everyone through daily newsletters and comprehensive tech tutorials.

Skillcrush is unique within the male-dominated tech field because it has all-female team, with AddaBirnir as CEO, Kate Reyes as creative lead, and Jen McFadden as COO. The company bills itself as a "community-driven, fun way to make your tech dreams come true and share those dreams with others."

Skillcrush's first tutorial, "Create your own website," will launch in early October. Birnir reiterated that Skillcrush is "a place where absolute beginners can come, get up to speed on all of the latest tech terminology, and get started making the web."

Birnir said, "Right now we publish a daily newsletter and are hard at work building our web tutorials. The tutorials will be a mix of video and interactive steps where you can gain the tech skills you will need to succeed in our increasingly digital economy."

Skillcrush's projects will be goal-oriented so that users come away from completed tasks with not only new skills, but also tangible products, such as the sites they design.

As Skillcrush builds its army of tech-empowered women, we may find that in 20 years that many of the world's budding Marissa Mayers are Skillcrush alums.

And it's not just Skillcrush that's crushing the tech-education-for-women market. There are also an array of offline classes being taught around the country by groups like Girl Develop It, Rails Girls, Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, and Ladies Learning to Code, just to name a few.

STEPHEN ROBERT MORSE - Stephen Robert Morse is a writer, multimedia journalist, producer, digital strategist, and entrepreneur, currently based in New York City.

This article originally appeared on The Atlantic Online as part of the Investing In A Better Tomorrow program.

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