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The stories gathered here are real examples from people in your community—stories we hope inspire you, too. We’re doing our best to support them because like you, we are invested in the places where we live and work. Through lending, investing and giving, we’re proud to be a partner in creating more vibrant communities around the world.

Want to do more? Whether you’re a small business owner, a nonprofit advocate, passionate about the environment or a lover of the arts, we hope you take a moment to see what’s happening in your community and share it with others.

Man standing in front of brick house

Revitalizing Detroit, One Police Officer at a Time

Jul 17, 2012

In 1999, the state of Michigan lifted the residency requirement for City of Detroit employees; over the next ten years, many employees left the City…  learn More about Revitalizing Detroit, One Police Officer at a Time

Two men in suits walking through Virginia Tile warehouse

Weathering the Business Storm in Detroit

Jul 16, 2012

In the 1920s, the rapid growth of the automobile industry in Detroit caused a boom in housing due to the large number of people moving to the region. This, in turn, created a demand for wholesale contractors selling materials to facilitate the development of real estate in the area…  learn More about Weathering the Business Storm in Detroit

A High Octane Day on the Links

Jul 16, 2012

America’s love affair with golf began in the late 19th Century with the opening of the nation’s first golf club outside of New York City. Fast forward to the present day and the U.S. plays host to 3,400 golf courses across the country…  learn More about A High Octane Day on the Links

Protecting Charlotte’s Manufacturing Engine

Jul 16, 2012

When a car broke down in 1924, there were few options available. So when traveling salesman I.D. Blumenthal had his car’s radiator repaired by a Charlotte mechanic’s ‘magic powder,’ he instantly recognized its potential. I.D. partnered with the tinsmith and Solder Seal® became the first product of Radiator Specialty Company. A Company that continues to be owned and operated by The Blumenthal Family of Charlotte…  learn More about Protecting Charlotte’s Manufacturing Engine

Four people loading boxes intro a truck for the North Texas Food Bank

Fighting Smart Against Child Hunger

Jul 17, 2012

The problem can be hard to see, but that doesn’t make it any less real: One out of four children in Dallas is food insecure. That’s 165,000 children in Dallas County who are unsure where their next meal will come from…  learn More about Fighting Smart Against Child Hunger

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