A culture of diversity and inclusion

At Bank of America, diversity is a key element to our corporate culture and how we operate. Our employee networks allow groups of people with a similar dimension of diversity to band together for professional growth and development as well as community networking events and volunteer opportunities. The Black Professional Group (BPG) at Bank of America is one of 12 employee networks — the oldest and largest — with more than 24 chapters across the country providing valuable mentoring, support and community involvement opportunities.

Enhancing both work and life for black professionals

BPG’s mission is to strengthen the contributions and enhances the careers — and the lives — of its members. Through peer-based mentoring and feedback, employees can grow their leadership potential within the organization. And by sponsoring and actively supporting volunteer opportunities, employees can engage in deeply rewarding community service. Three BPG members recently won 2013 Global Diversity and Inclusion Awards.

Community involvement in action

Each year, the BPG partners with a charitable organization at the national level. National CARES Mentoring Movement “recruits and connects mentors with local youth serving and mentoring organizations to help guide at risk Black children to academic and social success while also providing infrastructure support and consulting to NCMM affiliates.” Through the partnership, BPG chapters work closely with schools in low-income areas to connect members with children for one-on-one mentorship. These mentoring relationships allow children to see possibilities outside of their immediate environments and provide inspiration for them to work toward the professional world.


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